Spring Awakening in Boston
Hey guys,

This is my first public post in a while.  I just wanted to tell everyone about an awesome opportunity coming to Boston April 28th-May 24th, 2009, Spring Awakening.  I had a chance to see it three times on Broadway (twice from onstage).  It was pretty awesome to feel the energy from onstage.

If you want to buy tickets, please visit http://www.broadwayacrossamerica.com/Boston.  Again, Spring Awakening will be playing at the Colonial Theater from April 28th-May 24, 2009.

For more information about Spring Awakening and other Boston shows on Facebook, please visit Boston Guilty Ones (http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=47045992275&ref=mf) or Broadway Across America - Boston (http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/pages/Boston-MA/Broadway-Across-America-Boston/22923973629?ref=ts). 


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My LJ has been Friends Only for quite a while, maybe a little less than a year.  If you are not on my list, then all you will see are reviews of shows I've seen.  No random adds please unless I know who you are!

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